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Tristate Steel Contractors believe in the “Win-Win” scenario and only partner or contract with companies that do also. We work diligently to deliver a successful and profitable project for everyone involved. A successful project for the owner and the general contractor and a successful project for our suppliers and our subcontractors. Tristate Steel Contractors utilize our experience to provide materials, labor, and project management that always exceeds everyone's expectations on every single project. We build customer relationships built on experience and trust and our customers truly consider us part of their team. Tristate Steel Contractors provides a work environment that all our employees and customers will find rewarding both financially and professionally.

Our Team

Tristate Steel Contractors
2508 Civic Center Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

Dave Lampert

Owner & Sales / Project Management
(513) 244-0041

Greg Roberto

Owner & Sales / Project Management
(513) 244-0042

Billy Sebastian

Sales / Project Management
(513) 244-0045

Katie Evangelou

Office Manager / Accounting
(513) 244-0044

Kelly Luther

(513) 244-0047

Justin Field

Engineering / Detailing
(513) 244-0046

Jake Roberto

Engineering / Detailing
(513) 244-0048

Jim Smith

Engineering / Detailing
(513) 244-0043

Jerry Wernke

Engineering / Detailing
(513) 244-0049

(513) 648-9000

Tristate Steel Contractors
2508 Civic Center Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231